Turner VX 18S


Roadeo Turner Vx is The King of the streets. In attractive dual tone colours the turner vx simply makes heads turn.  Available in:  6-speed with V-brakes, carrier & metal mudguards  18-speed with V-brakes & flying mudguards 18-speed with disc brake & flying mudguards


  • Stylish steel and alloy designer frames
  • Shimano gears with EZY Fire Shifters or Revo Shifters
  • Front & rear suspension
  • Disc brakes and V-brakes
  • Wider MTB tyres with alloy rims
  • Quick release on front wheel in selected models
  • Comfortable and stylish saddle
  • Front & Rear wheel reflectors
  • Quick release on saddle
Turner VX 18S
Sturdy & rigid designer frame
Aero soft grips
Dual-sport suspension
Green/Black, Lead Grey/Mercury Silver
Wheel & pedal reflectors
Shimano gears with RS 35 shifters
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